7 Snacks That Will Satisfy Hunger But Won’t Ruin Your Weight Loss

You’ve probably noticed by now that your weight loss journey involves changing your eating habits, and that is difficult! Cravings, hunger, and the stress of managing your eating plan can lead to snacking mistakes. However, if you’re prepared for these potential challenges you can keep your diet on track. The key is to snack right - and to snack right, you need to plan ahead. When you’re prepared for snack attacks and have a healthy snack on hand, you’re in control of your diet and your weight loss.

Here are seven quick snack ideas that won’t sabotage your weight loss:

  1. Nuts A bag of nuts is a great snack.
    • They’re full of protein and fiber. They also contain the kind of healthy fat your body needs. Grab small snack bags and fill them with a handful of nuts. Almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and even walnuts are all a fantastic and delicious snack.
  2. Peanut butter or nut butters
    • Peanut butter goes with almost everything. Use it on top of celery, apples, rice cakes or even whole grain crackers.
  3. Yogurt
    • Greek yogurt is high in protein and low in fat and calories. It comes in small packages which make it perfect for snacking. Add a tablespoon of granola and some fresh berries for a well-rounded and delicious snack.
  4. Fruit
    • Fruit is a healthy way to get natural sugars, fiber and many of the nutrients your body needs. Pack an apple, peach, pear or banana for easy snacking. You don’t have to store them in a container. Simply carry, wash and eat. Also consider grapes, berries, or melon for a healthy snack.
  5. Chips and guacamole
    • Sounds like a real diet buster, right? Baked tortilla chips and homemade guacamole are not the diet busters you might think they are. Avocados, like nuts, are rich in healthy fats. A dollop of guacamole and five or six low-fat, baked, tortilla chips is a perfectly healthy snack.
  6. Veggies and hummus
    • Hummus is a dip made from chick peas and sesame seed paste. It’s very healthy and delicious. Add celery sticks, carrots and other sliced vegetables and you have a super tasty snack.
  7. Tuna or sardines
    • Fish is full of omega fatty acids and it’s high in protein. Tuna and sardines with crackers are a healthy snack. Tuna and sardines also come in handy snack packs, which makes them an easy snack to take on the go.

When planning your snacks for the week, focus on what would make it easiest for you. Place snacks in all the locations you might need them. Consider placing them in your desk drawer, your purse, and your glove box and anywhere else you might have a snack attack. Snacks are a healthy part of a diet. They help maintain even blood sugar levels. They help you stave off cravings and they help you get all the nutrients you need to get and stay healthy.

Bottom line: Don’t skip snacks - embrace them and plan ahead.

Be the maxed YOU!